Thursday, 23 June 2022 11:34

What you need to know about airless packaging

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A good brand and high product quality are only a partial success in todays extremely demanding cosmetics industry. An equally important feature is the proper way of storing cosmetics. One of the innovative solutions is cosmetic airless packages.


Important legal aspects

The legal standards of the European Union devote a lot of space and attention when it comes to defining quality requirements, expiry dates, and many other issues that cosmetics and their packaging should meet.

According to these standards, a cosmetic product must, above all, be safe for human health. And one of the elements that make it possible is the proper packaging of the product.

The detail of these regulations is not accidental. It is due to the importance of the cosmetics market, which is worth close to EUR 80 billion each year.

What is the phenomenon of airless packaging for cosmetics?

Although it is constantly being improved and optimized in terms of consumer utility, it has been on the market since the 1980s. Its advantage is that it enables cosmetics to be stored as solid or liquid in conditions which prevent them from coming into contact with atmospheric air.

And thats why there are more competitive advantages in this kind of packaging. It protects the product from environmental pollution that includes bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and pathogenic metal compounds. But thats not all! Many cosmetic substances are rapidly oxidized and lose their properties.

Thats why cosmetic airless packages are the perfect answer as a solution that ensures the highest quality of the product you store.

Lets take a closer look at this solution!

In order to prevent air from entering the cosmetic product and to ensure sterility, an appropriate safety mechanism must be built into this type of packaging. It consists of three key components, such as the pump, piston, and tube. Thanks to the use of different types of plastics that do not interact with chemical cosmetics, the packaging ensures safety and does not weigh too much. These packages can also protect the product from UV or moisture.

They are also extremely efficient – up to 99% of cosmetics are used. In addition, packaging is recyclable, which is particularly required in todays cosmetics industry (CSR environmental programs).

What can be placed inside airless packaging for cosmetics?

Inside this type of packaging we will find both facial cream, eyelids, and toothpaste, different emulsions, balsams, and advanced anti-aging medical products.

The capacity of the packages may be between 3 and 1250 ml. This gives them great flexibility.