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How to wear a postpartum belly band

postpartum belly bands postpartum belly bands

During 9 months of pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes significant changes. This is why it is always so important to go back in shape after childbirth. One of the effective means designed to help women with this is a special tightening belly band which is usually prescribed after childbirth.

It is an effective orthopedic product that will come in handy to every mom to be. However, before wearing it, you must know when you can or cannot use such a belly band and how to put it on correctly.


During pregnancy and immediately after childbirth, women are often recommended to wear special orthopedic products. However, all of them are prescribed strictly in the presence of certain indications.

The main indications prescribing postpartum belly bands include the following:

  • A C-section - the belly band considerably alleviates the condition and accelerates incision healing.
  • Abnormal labor.
  • Multifetal pregnancy.
  • Postpartum hernia.
  • Scoliosis, radiculitis, and other back conditions that often deteriorate following the childbirth.
  • Uterine hypotonus.

There are also certain contraindications when doctors do not recommend wearing a belly band. These include, among other things, stitches in the perineal region. This is because wearing a tightening belly belt leads to partial blood circulation cut off in this area. The wrap can't be used in case of swelling developed against the background of gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease and other health concerns. The product materials may sometimes cause allergies.


For any expectant mother with the above indications, it is important to decide when to start wearing the postpartum belly band. However, this matter comes within a doctor's competence. The doctor examines the mother immediately after childbirth and determines whether she needs wearing a tightening belly band, and makes sure that the woman has no contraindications for its use.


The period when postpartum belly band should be worn varies from woman to woman. It depends on multiple factors, the most important of them being the speed of normal uterine tone restoration. It is restored really fast in some new moms, while others will have to wait a very long time unless they use special orthopedic bands. As a rule, it is recommended to wear your belly band for four to six weeks. After the sixth week, uterine tone usually comes back to normal and the skin on the belly tightens. There is no point in using the band any longer. However, some special recovery exercises may be recommended.

The way you put the postpartum band on and wear it depends on the product type. Basic varieties include the following.

  • Underwear. It is made in the form of panties manufactured from thick fabric. They are high waisted and support the belly effectively. They are worn on top of your underwear and are characterized by ease of use.
  • Skirt. This band is made in the form of a wide strip of tightening fabric. The product covers the area from the waist to the upper half of the thighs. It has a good tightening effect and is also worn over your underwear. You can attach it using touch fasteners.
  • Bermudas. This is a postpartum band with a wide upper part covering the hips. Many models have a knee-length. This band type has a good tightening effect and provides additional support for the buttocks and thighs.
  • Universal maternity band. Its name reflects the designated purpose of this band. It can be used both as the supporting band for pregnant women and as a postpartum band. It is shaped like a belt where one part is narrow and the other is wide. During pregnancy, the narrow part is located under the belly. The wide part is intended to cover the belly after childbirth.

Leave it to the doctor to help you choose the best type of postpartum belly band. Your doctor will select the band based on the woman's condition. This will let you avoid additional issues and achieve the best effect.

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