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7 cute nail ideas for winter 2021

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What nail designs will be trending during the wintertime? See the hottest trends for the cool days coming.

Seven cute nail ideas for winter 2021:

1. Metallic white nail polish

White nails are definitely the hottest nail trend this winter. White nails don’t have to be boring. This season choose nail polishes with a metallic finish. Sparkling like snow on a sunny winter day. If you are searching for the perfect shine, see the great nail polish selection of Victoria Vynn nail polishes on Roxie Cosmetics website. 

2. Nude nails

No matter what color you choose, neat, groomed nails boost confidence. This season you don’t really need sophisticated nail art to follow. Just groom your nails, put on a transparent top coat and you are ready to conquer the world. Go to for a great collection of long lasting nail polishes and transparent top coats at attractive prices

3. Modern French 

Almond shaped mani has been with us for years and is not considered to be gone anytime soon, however, this season you might want to try short, square nails. They look super modern and minimalistic. If you are up for experiments, try golden or pastel tips instead of whites. 

4. Go wild

Animal prints are cool not only on your favourite clothing garments but will also look great on your nails. Try the print in the shade that will fit your most-loved sweaters. 

5. Immortal reds

Reds are always a good choice, however this season we like experimenting with unexpected shades. Maybe red-orange ombre will be worth trying on?

6. Dark like winter nights

Not a fan of pastels and nude shades? Don't worry. This winter we enjoy avantgarde dark blue and shiny black nails. 

7. Two colours

Choose your favourite colour and paint nails on one of your hands with it. Then choose the tone that complements your favourite colour and paint the rest of your nails. It is a super easy trend with an amazing effect!

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  • 7 cute nail ideas for winter 2021
    7 cute nail ideas for winter 2021

    What nail designs will be trending during the wintertime? See the hottest trends for the cool days coming.

    Written on Monday, 01 November 2021 15:40