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3 small changes to become more eco-friendly in 2021

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How to start being more eco-friendly? There are some few little steps which can help you to change your lifestyle in 2021!

New year and new me? Why not? Especially when it comes to switching to solutions that are good not only for the environment, but also for ourselves! So, how to become eco-friendly – easy, effortlessly and for the benefit of ourselves?

1.   Reduce wasting your food!

How many things do you just throw out of your fridge? Have you ever thought about it? But what does it have to do with the environment anyway?

A lot. Wasted food rotting in landfills is responsible for 8% of the global greenhouse emission. Besides, it's just wasting natural resources, while a great number of people in the world are starving. Maybe it’s worth a try to change our habits?

We buy too much – that’s a matter of fact. Sometimes it’s just impossible to eat all these things. Yes, eyes are bigger than stomach. How to be more eco-friendly?

  • Before grocery shopping, check what you already have in the fridge. Make a list of things to buy. Thanks to it, you’ll avoid buying unnecessary products.
  • Are you going to do some grocery shopping? Eat a meal first! When we’re hungry, we often buy additional and unnecessary products.
  • Won’t you eat all these things? Freeze them and use in the future.
  • Overripe or slightly mushy fruits? They’re perfect in breakfast breads or smoothies!

2.   Be eco-friendly and clean in a greener way!

How to become more eco-friendly? By choosing natural cleaning agents! Yes it is – all chemicals, contained in traditional cleaning products, flow down the pipes and have a direct impact on the environment. Why? Because sewage farms aren’t able to filter everything. That’s why some of these toxins end up in the water reservoirs anyway.

The best way to avoid such situations is to choose natural solutions which are both – safe and effective. How to become eco-friendly at home? By switching from conventional chemicals to natural solutions.


Do you know what’s best in choosing natural cleaning agents? You care not only for the environment, but also for your own health. Dry hands? Allergies? With natural detergents, it won't be your problem anymore.

On the market, you can easily find many ready-to-use eco-friendly sets – such as 100% natural house cleaning kit.

3.   Plastic is not fantastic!

Single-use plastic products which we throw into the trash can in a couple of seconds? Never ever!

Try to find reusable solutions which will last for a long time. Not only for the environment, but also for your savings. How to become more environmentally friendly? By avoiding plastic!

  • Reusable bags made with cotton are brilliant and much more attractive than plastic bags. On the market you can find many patterns and models. You’ll surely find something that will suit you well.
  • Try to choose refillable products. Do you really need all of these original bottles? Choose refills, which contain less plastic and are much cheaper than standard products.
  • Just think twice, when something is made of plastic. Maybe there's an alternative? Do you have a plastic lunch box for taking your food to work? Maybe it’s worth replacing it with its glass version – which is more durable and doesn’t produce harmful substances when you heat your food.

How to be more eco-friendly? As you see – it’s very easy! These are just a few little changes, but how powerful! And remember – big changes start small.

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