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Which modern wall paintings will work best in the living room?

Coloray Canvas prints Coloray Canvas prints press materials

Modern living room decorations include not only loft shelves or decorative flowerbeds, but also stylish wall paintings. When planning your living room spring decorations, let your imagination run wild and think about what theme goes with your favorite style. Will it be a green, abstract meadow? Or maybe wildflowers in a sunny bath?


Wall paintings - made of glass, acrylic or printed on canvas?

Glass prints are the most resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and high temperatures. For this reason, you can safely hang them in demanding rooms, such as kitchens or bathrooms. The risk of damage or abrasion of the print is very low, so it can be said that tempered glass is one of the most durable decorative materials on the market.

Acrylic prints are made of fiberglass, which is much lighter than tempered glass, so they can be successfully hung in the living room or child's room. Acrylic paintings are less resistant to mechanical damage, they are easier to scratch. They are not resistant to moisture and high temperatures, so it is not recommended to hang them in the kitchen or bathroom.

Coloray Canvas prints are similar to traditional paintings, but they do not require the use of frames. They are ergonomic, and you can easily move them from place to place. Canvas print is very durable. The variety of patterns and colors will make sure that you will find something that fits your interior. Wall paintings are an affordable addition that will add fresh energy to your interiors.

What colors and motifs are fashionable in the spring/summer 2023 season?

This spring, bet on botanical motifs. Not only live flowers or green leaves, but also ... dried! Dried bouquets of wildflowers or golden cereal ears will perfectly complement the arrangement in the boho style. If hippie vibes are close to you, choose light colors for the walls and a coffee table made of wicker or rattan. Combination of natural materials with glass is a definite hit this spring, it will be welcome not only on balconies, but also in interiors.

In the living room inspirations, you will also find arrangements using dark gray and honey. You can mix them in any variations and smuggle them into your projects. The honey shade of yellow will warm up the dark gray and make the room cozy and comfortable.

The most fashionable wall colors this spring include olive green, warm shades of sand, caramel and cinnamon, cool beige, navy blue and light gray. Colors, referring to the shades of the earth, such as grass, desert or night sky bring us closer to nature. They are also supposed to calm down, relax and facilitate rest in conditions where it is difficult to rest outside. Wall art prints with mountains, desert or sea breeze will suit such a living room arrangement. Choose your favorite accessory and change your interior for spring!

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