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What are plasticizers?

Plasticizer Plasticizer

Plasticizers are liquids which main task is to soften plastics. What are their properties?  In which industries are they usually used? We will try to answer to these questions in this article. Keep read on.


Plasticizer’s properties

Plasticizer’s properties are colorless and odorless liquids. Most often plasticizers are substances produced during the reaction of alcohol with acid. Importantly, approximately 50 plasticizers have been allowed to use while it is estimated that the number of such substances is up to 30,000. Authorized substances meet strict standards for availability, manufacturing costs, health and environmental impact. 

Use of plasticizers

The main application of plasticizers is the construction and manufacturing industries. They are successfully used for mortars and concrete mixtures and for the production of plastics. As a rule, they are used in the production of cable plating, furniture production and various types of products made of artificial leather. In conclusion, plasticizers are very popular substances in the construction and manufacturing industries (up to 7.5 million tons of plasticizers per year are used globally). In addition to the indisputable use of this type of substance, it is also important that the use of plasticizers is safe for health, as confirmed by various organizations (e.g. the European REACH organization). The article was provided by the company:

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