Monday, 31 August 2020 11:01

Drawer runners – safe and convenient solution for your furniture!

Drawer runners Drawer runners

Drawer runners are one of the most vital elements of every pull out unit at your house.

Depending on the quality they may significantly improve or hinder the use of your drawers and cabinets as they are responsible for the quiet and fluid motion with which the units move in and out – that is why you should make sure to equip your furniture with the best quality Furnica drawer runners!

Which drawer runners to choose?

Furnica provides you with a great variety of drawer runners that will satisfy all your needs. The wide range of sizes and types allows you to easily find exactly what you are looking for to make your drawers move smoothly and safely. Furnica offers both ball bearing and auto-lock drawer runners which will perfectly fit your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers.

Ball bearing runners are characterized by excellent durability and ability to withstand very heavy loads. Thanks to the special mechanism involving steel balls, your drawer will not fall out.

Auto-lock drawer runners are designed for convenient and safe use of your drawers and cabinets. The automatic locking function will ensure your comfort and control over how much your drawer will open or close. This product is a perfect solution especially for families with small children

Not sure if you can handle the installation?

Don’t worry! It is much easier than it may seem. The assembly guide, which you receive with your purchase, will help you install your new drawer runners step by step. Due to the lightweight materials from which our runners are produced and easy to understand instructions, the installation will be trouble-free for you. You will need only basic tools which for sure you already have at your house!

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