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How should you design your blog to be effective?

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Are you wondering how your blog looks to be effective? In this article we show you a few tips that help in bringing conversion. Use them and check if conversion improved.


Your customers are most important

Before you start anything, you have to check what your customers think. It’s the easiest way to come up with good ideas. Probably your clients ask questions all the time. If your blog will contain answers to every of it, you are halfway to success. So focus on what your customers want and create content based on it. You attract not only new clients but also existing one. Now, when you know what issues to raise on the blog, you can go to the second step - change the design of your blog.

Organize content

Specialists from web development agency always remind us that organizing on the website is most important. The same is with blogs. You should start from view, what content you already have. Check topics and types and create a good structure of sections. Don’t sort it by type, because people don’t want to, for example only watch movies or only read. Create a good learning center. Think about users’ journey to discover your website and specific topics. You probably won’t want to switch from one category to another just to look for what you are interested in. 

What should be the grid of the blog?

The grid system is used in print layouts in magazines over the years and it should be used also on the blog. It helps in providing a consistent experience on different screen sizes and the users won’t have problems with readability. With well chosen grid content will be appealing and easily legible, because it helps users distinguish sidebars, body text, share and social icons from another. The grid of the blog is a base of organized information. 

Organize content with card layout

Apart from the grid of the blog, you should care about card layout. It helps with organizing articles in the way to display as much content as possible without feeling excessively content. With card design it is easier to recognize, read and recall important information. To make it in a good way, just remember about blog title, author, date, social share links, blog excerpt and what most important - read more buttons. With these elements, users can fast decide if an article is appropriate for them or not. 

Featured images and short descriptive subheading are the key to success

People are mostly visual learners, so use it on your website and then it will be as effective as possible. Take care about the quality of images and make them all coherent. Also make it distinctive and eye catching, maintaining consistency with the article. You should also create good subheading. People typically skimming articles to the moment, when they find interesting sections. Think about it while creating headings. Make your articles transparent and clear - it will surely have an effect.

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