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Productivity Improvement - benefits of yoga classes for your wellbeing

yoga classes for your employees yoga classes for your employees

Yoga classes in the workplace: what are the benefits for employees? Wellbeing is the key to keeping employees motivated. In this sense, corporate sport or wellness programs have become a proven way for companies to improve employee morale and productivity throughout the day.


Find out in this article what are the benefits of yoga classes for your employees.

Why corporate yoga?

According to a scientific study in France, 24% of employees feel "hyper-stressed" at work, which can endanger their state of health. Signs and symptoms of excessive stress at work include fatigue, inability to concentrate, loss of interest in work tasks, muscle tension, headaches, general anxiety, irritability, and lingering sadness.

Learning to identify the sources of stress at work, and then how to effectively manage those stressors, can dramatically improve quality of life.

The practice of yoga is relatively simple; it only requires a mat and space to move around. This relatively low barrier to entry does not require special equipment or a gym.

Thus, yoga programs are among the easiest to implement in your business. For just the cost of yoga mats and a certified yoga coach, HR departments can offer lunch, morning, or evening yoga classes for employees.

Data shows that employees are flocking to these programs and asking for even more and this helps their emotional wellbeing.

Many companies now recognize the value of yoga, and more and more are offering classes as part of their athletic offering.

What are the benefits of yoga in the workplace, for wellbeing?

Increase energy / Reduce fatigue

Many studies show that sitting for more than 5 hours' kills productivity and has the same effect on health as smoking a pack of cigarettes! Working non-stop also creates stress. Even just getting up or doing stretching or exercising every 30 minutes dramatically improves blood flow. Incorporating simple yoga movements during these times is a great way to avoid fatigue.

Reduce physical pain

Suffering from even more severe pain or physical problems can affect productivity. No matter what type of job you have, working is the last thing you think of when you have physical pain.

Yoga can even help relieve aches and pains and more serious physical problems, such as those associated with head trauma. If it can help relieve such severe pain and trauma, imagine what it can do for headaches, carpal tunnel, neck pain, stiff shoulders, arthritis, etc.

Decrease stress

In addition to physical pain and illness, the other major factor affecting the health and productivity of employees is mental and emotional stress. Stress is the reason for 90% of all doctor visits. But it's not just stress itself that causes people to seek help - stress also causes illnesses (colds, allergies, headaches, diabetes, cancer, or heart disease).

Stress accounts for billions of euros lost by businesses due to declining productivity, absenteeism, staff turnover, accidents, and medical costs. It is essential to avoid such problems, both for employees and for companies.

Improve concentration

Stressful deadlines, endless meetings, and the general cacophony of a workplace create mental stress that prevents employees from focusing on their tasks and making good decisions. Yoga meditation and breathing exercises help reduce noise and eliminate mental clutter, allowing you to be more attentive, alert, and focused.

Boost creativity

As yoga helps you concentrate better, it also opens the mind so that creative flows and energy can flow. It is very hard to protect yourself when your brain is confined in a box

Increase productivity

Feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally improves morale. Unleashed creativity also helps build confidence. All of these things can significantly increase the productivity of employees, their relationship with their customers, and interactions between colleagues. Healthy, relaxed, and focused employees are more productive and profitable.

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